“Her jokes were hilarious and to get me more comfortable that would trigger a REAL smile!”

I love hearing from my client’s when it comes to testimonials. Many of my clients come in for a session as something they are doing for their personal branding. Little do they realize the experience leaves a lasting, positive impression on them too. Hearing from Keisha about how much she loved the photos gives me the greatest feeling in the world. Hearing things like this reminds me why I love what I do.


Mississauga headshot photographer

Keisha Turner, the Lululemon Ambassador & Yoga Instructor.

“I did my headshots with Fiona at Hazel Studio earlier this month and was blown away at our first encounter via Instagram.

I really appreciated Fiona setting up a convenient time for me to meet with her one on one to discuss what I needed. Fiona was genuinely interested in what I would be doing with my photos and instantly made me feel at ease when we met in person. Even though we met via Instagram she invited me to the studio right away instead of chatting over social media, which I REALLY appreciated and was definitely a huge reason why I chose her. I loved this because I did some research before seeking out someone for my headshot and got a lot of people just sending prices over email and it didn’t feel personable. With Fiona it was a totally different experience, she was excited to see me walk through the door asked about what my goals were and we had a genuine conversation.

The pricing came at the end and it was presented in a professional manner I didn’t feel like she was selling it to me at all, which I think takes talent and is a sign of a professional. For me it was really important that I feel comfortable and she made me feel like she was genuinely interested in me and my goals for my headshot. I booked my appointment for the headshot to be done and ended up having to reschedule and she was very accommodating. On the day of the shoot Fiona made me feel so comfortable and again, made me feel like I was a friend and not just a paying client, she was so supportive and helpful and made sure we got the perfect shot. I was nervous at first but all of that went away with her and I started being myself in front of the camera.

Her jokes were hilarious and to get me more comfortable she started asking personal questions (i.e.: what do you love about your husband? etc, things that would trigger a REAL smile!) Hazel Studio is immaculate – clean, fresh, new, and warm – a place anyone would feel comfortable in. For me it is important that I have a space to prepare and the bathroom at the studio was also, very clean and a place I felt relaxed changing in and out of clothing and fixing my makeup. Fiona is not only a passionate photographer but an amazing business woman and I would and already have, recommend her to anyone for headshots. Headshot are her niche and if you are doing your research trust me when I say she is GREAT at what she does!I am so happy that I chose Fiona as my photographer for my headshots and will definitely be going back to her for more! She is TRULY a 10 out of 10! Thank you Fiona!!”







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