A Professional Realtor Headshot is the Key to Your Success!

You’re waiting to catch your bus and you notice a realtor’s poster on a nearby bus shelter. At first, the colours, the graphics, and the agent’s gigantic smile grab your attention, but it doesn’t take long for you to look away because you already know on a subconscious level that this poster is as boring as all the other realtor headshot posters that you’ve seen on your street: It’s just another random person trying to sell you an expensive house that you don’t have the money to buy! How many times have you been in this situation? We see real estate posters everywhere, but how many of them truly appeal to our interest? If you’re a real estate agent that’s reading this article, you need to make sure that you can set a phenomenal first impression of your brand instantly through your poster. If your poster is not eye-catching, then people won’t care!

Below is an example to illustrate what we mean, this bus poster exudes confident, approachable, and professional. He is really at the top of his game!

Mississauga realtor headshot

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced agent, or if you’re just a newbie that’s trying to break into the real estate industry that’s currently embroiled in tireless attempts to make your very first sale, investing in professional real estate photography, will set your brand apart from the local competition in your area. We don’t have the right to control you, at the end of the day we’re just here to give you advice that can help your business grow. So for whatever reason, after you finish reading this article, if you still want to stick to using a mediocre picture for your posters, we wish you good luck (because you’ll honestly need it….). Our main objective is to make you understand the importance of using a professional headshot, because a professional headshot will get you more clients.

Toronto Realtor Headshots

A professional photography studio has some essential tools to improve the quality of your images. Equipment such as lighting, various backdrops, tripods, unique camera lenses (in addition to a high definition DSLR camera) play a huge role in turning your headshots into enamouring eye-candy.

Time to digress for a bit: The most powerful tool that photo-studios offer, is the advice of an experienced photographer. A professional photographer is an artist that can work with you to understand the requirements of your brand, and communicate that specific message through your headshots. If you are considering booking a session with us and this is your first time doing a professional photoshoot, we highly suggest that you wear formal clothing, have a bath before your session, and get your hair and makeup done. Don’t know how to do it yourself? Don’t worry. We have professional makeup artists and hair stylists as well, who can help make sure that you’re ready to be on camera when you come to the shoot! This will be an additional cost, so contact us beforehand.

A real estate agent has a different job than an actor. For an actor’s portfolio, traditional solid background headshots and classic portraits work well, however a real estate agent is trying to sell a house. As such, you might require us to take a few sample pictures of your houses and we have good news for you: We offer on-location shoots too, just contact us for further details! (House pictures are good but remember, putting a face to your brand will add a degree of friendliness in your clients’ eyes because no matter what, people want to do business with people).

Mississauga realtor headshot

A professional headshot can be used in many different occasions. You can use your professional headshot on digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and after you add additional graphics you can use them on billboards and bus shelters as well. Did you know that professional headshots get 139% more clicks on social media? The online market is a treasure chest filled with precious new clients and as a real estate agent, your professional headshots will help you reach out to highly targeted potential customers that might be interested in buying houses!

Mississauga realtor headshot

We are located in Mississauga ON, and if you have MLS listings in Toronto or anywhere in the GTA, we can help you with professional real estate photos. If you have any further questions about realtor headshots or portrait photography, feel free to contact us at: 416-831-3198 or email us at info@hazelstudio.ca.
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