Why do people hate being photographed?

Hey! It’s time to take a selfie! Wait, what? You don’t like taking pictures of yourself? Today we’re going to explore a few of the reasons why people hate being photographed. Are you one of those people that immediately covers their face (as if someone is going to throw paint on you) when a camera gets pulled out? Well we can completely empathize with your feelings of being camera conscious, and hopefully this guide will give you some useful tips that will teach you how to look confident in front the camera.

why some people just hate being photographed?

One of the main causes of being camera shy comes from choosing the wrong outfit. If the outfit that you choose for your session does not relate to the message your brand is trying to communicate, it will most certainly make the picture look odd. For example, if you’re trying to promote your company, it doesn’t make sense for you to wear a casual half-sleeve t-shirt; for business related sessions, it is almost mandatory for you to dress formally (dress shirts are important, and a blazer is optional). Fancy designs are great, but the first priority you should have in mind is to emphasize both your body language and facial expression so that your brand identity is established on the image. In doing so, it would be wise to avoid distracting designs that redirect the attention from your face.

Baggy or wrinkled clothes should be avoided at all costs and we recommend bringing a few properly fitted outfits to the session. Certain colors look pleasing to the eye: Red and yellow, blue and green etc. , and including these color combinations in your outfit will create a visually pleasing impression. Another important note about colors: You want to stick to colors that complement your skin-tone and hair color as much as possible. At the end of the day however, although outfits play an important role in enhancing the image, it is important to consult with the photographer in prior to your session, to ensure that you are able to convey your brand’s message through the pictures. Photographers have years of professional experience, and can offer you valuable guidance in demonstrating your brand effectively on your portraits and headshots. Yes, a great outfit definitely helps the overall “look” of the image, but a genuine smile and confident body language will truly help you attract new prospect customers that become interested in your brand.

There are several reasons why people don’t like how they look on camera, factors such as: poor lighting, incorrect camera angles and awkward facial expressions affect the quality of the final image. A professional photographer knows how to bring out the naturally confident side of your personality. Here at Hazel Studio, we operate our business at a professional studio and we have industry-standard lighting and camera equipment that help make your pictures stand out. Most of all, we believe in professionalism and open-minded creativity, and we promise we will do our best to make your pictures look amazing!
The next tip goes out to all the ladies out there who enjoy putting on makeup before leaving the house in the morning. Makeup is great because it can be used to modify skin tones, hide marks on your face and accentuate other beautiful portions of your overall look, however the biggest mistake some of our female clients make before coming to the session, is going for the makeup that doesn’t match their natural skin tone or makeup that looks too cakey and dry. Unfortunately, the camera will picks up everything! We can give you tips and tricks if you’re planning to do your own makeup and hair. If you have little to no experience in doing makeup, hiring a professional MUAH on your own or go with our in-house MUAH will guarantee that you look great for your photoshoot.
Although most males don’t have to worry as much about makeup, having a shower and shaving definitely gives off a classier feel to your image. We highly recommend all of our male clients wash their hair and get a haircut at least 1 week prior to the session! If you have any uneven skin tones such as eczema, skin rashes or heat rashes, hiring a professional makeup artist is a worthwhile investment to make your headshots or portraits look better. Also keep in mind that uneven skin tone and redness are very difficult to get rid of in post. So there you have it and if you followed the tips we gave you in this article you’re already on the right track for taking great pictures. 
If you have any questions whatsoever, contact us at: 416-831-3198. Our studio is located in Mississauga, ON, and we are working with clients from Mississauga, Toronto and beyond; we specialize in Toronto headshot and portrait photography and can help erase your self-doubt to ensure that you look natural and candid on camera.
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