What to wear for your family portrait session?

So you have finally decided to book a family portrait session… That’s wonderful! But you might be confused about to expect, and don’t worry we are here to help you with this guide. Maybe it’s children photography, preteens, or teenagers photography session that you have in mind, or perhaps you just want to do a traditional family photoshoot with an addition of a few extra kids photos. Family portraits are all about togetherness and a genuine appreciation for the love that keeps you all together, and this is exactly what we want to showcase in your portraits. Just take a chill pill, relax and forget about being too formal, because the more comfortable you are, the more natural your portrait will be.

Firstly, children are highly encouraged to wear accessories that add flavour and personality to the pictures. Let’s be honest, kids love to have fun! We all know that little Johnny loves his Pokemon toy and there’s absolute no reason why he can’t bring it with him to the session. In short, feel free to ask your kids to bring with them, whatever makes them happy. Big smiles and positivity make family portraits truly stand out.

Toronto family portrait photography studio Mississauga professional photographer

You all are one big family, so that means everyone should wear the same colour in the portrait, right? Wrong! Wearing the same outfit or colours can actually make the portrait look overtly formal, and the key to a family portrait is to make it as natural as possible. Vibrant colours definitely add glamour to the portrait, and your family members can even choose to wear specially designed clothing if they want, just as long as the design itself is simple. We usually recommend that our family portrait clients stay away from logos, because logos can distract from the body language and facial expressions of the family members. According to our experience, the best family portraits are the ones which attempt to recreate special moments.

Toronto family portrait photography studio Mississauga professional photographer

For the ladies of the house: Hair and makeup are a must! Our cameras capture everything. Yes, we will help with acne and bags under your eyes in post productions but we DO NOT retouch makeup onto you! We highly recommend that everyone come in with a freshly washed and dried hair. We want your makeup and hair to be as close as possible to the way you look on a fantastic day. A few things to stay away from are bright red lipstick, matte lipstick, or makeup with glitter. To make your life easier, we also offer in studio professional makeup artist and hairstylist for your session. 

For the men of the house: We recommend that you dudes go for a clean-shaven look (unless you have a fully grown beard. Partial facial hair however, should be avoided), and haircuts should be taken about a week prior to the session!

In conclusion, we want you to understand that the main purpose of a family portrait is to bring out each member’s authentic personality. Although there is no stone cold rule against what you can and cannot wear, we recommend wearing clothes (and potentially bring accessories) that represent the individuality of each member.

Toronto family portrait photography studio Mississauga professional photographer

Have any questions about the location and styling options for your portrait? We are always here to answer your questions. We are located in Mississauga, ON, and we are working with clients from Mississauga, Toronto, and beyond. Any clients that would like a Professional Family Portrait Photography, we can help.
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