What’s difference between female & male corporate headshots?

Is there a difference between male headshots and female corporate headshots? In this article, we are going to address this exact topic of discussion. As you read this article, you will find out that there is a difference indeed, however professional headshots can be achieved for both girls as well as guys. Whether its engagement photos, male headshot tips or female headshot tips, this article has the whole deal. The short answer: Yes. There is a difference in terms of styling, outfits and poses, however a headshot (regardless if it is a female client or a male client), is still meant to show an individual’s sense of confidence. Before you continue reading, it is also important to note that your corporate headshot is highly dependent on the industry you are in. Now do you want the long answer? Read below to find out!

For Females:

Females generally have to put in more effort before their session, in comparison to guys. Ladies before you go to your headshot session, make sure you pay attention to how our outfit affects your neckline! V-neck clothes increase both the height and length for shorter necks, and fitted or tailored clothing are usually the best bet for your pictures.

Tank-tops are perfectly okay to wear, if you have a deliberate intent to show off your arms (especially toned arms); keeping that in mind, if you do not wish to show off your arms, then long sleeves are preferred. You could try and add a lightweight tailored jacket to cover your arms as well (if you cannot find any long sleeves, that is). Loose and baggy clothes make you look bigger than normal, so it’s good to avoid such outfits.

Muted colors look wonderful on every skin tone, so pay attention to this color when choosing your outfits! If you have long black or dark brown hair, avoid wearing black because your hair will blend in with your outfit; in this case, you can try to wear a light colored top or jacket instead to accentuate the contrast of your hair.

Please bring bras that do not show through your undergarments and always make sure that they fit your body size, under all circumstances! The only reason we mention this, is because studio lights are super bright and there’s a possibility that they may highlight your under parts. Nude bras are a must for lighter colors and ruffled or lacy bras are a big no-go if your shirt fabric is thin and tight. 

Accessories are more popular with girls as opposed to guys so ladies, if you’re planning on bringing any accessories, just remember this: The point of a headshot is all about your face not your accessories, so make sure that whatever you choose to bring to the session, does not distract from your face. Some bad examples are oversized earrings and necklaces (both will draw attention away from your face on the headshot).

For Males:

Guys, please give a huge round of applaud for the ladies, because you all have it much easier! But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in any work in order to prepare for your session; to the contrary completely. One of the most powerful things a guy can do for his headshot, is smile. I know the guys reading this might be thinking, “I wanna show strength!” but a good smile radiates confidence, approachability, energy and happiness. Make sure you shave at least 1 week prior to the session (unless you have a full grown beard), and the same rule applies for haircuts as well.

In terms of dresses, whatever you do, don’t overdress. Always make sure to wear clothes that you are comfortable in, and this in turn, also requires you to bring a few choices of clothes that fit you properly. Avoid any wrinkles on your clothes, all your shirts must be neatly pressed prior to the session.

Guys who want the standard business look, go for a blazer or suit jacket along with a traditional dress shirt and tie underneath. If the standard business look is not necessarily for you, you may want to try the casual business look which comprises of a simple open dress shirt with a tie (or if you’re not a tie fan, just a dress shirt alone will do).

A no-jacket casual look also looks great if that is what you’re going for in terms of your brand, and in order to go for this look, we suggest wearing colored full-sleeve shirts some of which are darker than your skin tone, preferably, so your entire face and neck can stand out with a higher degree of presence in the headshot. We don’t recommend white dress shirts, unless you decide to wear it underneath something (like a blazer or a jacket of some sort). Designs are great just as long as they are not too distracting.

Final Words: We hope our long answer did justice in responding to the question! So, there is a difference between male and female corporate headshots, and we hope these tips (for both males and females) will help out any of our future clients who decided to read this guide. If you want any additional tips, we are always here to answer your questions.
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