Interested in booking a group? The Team Headshot Session is just what you need.

Your self-image reflects the unique core values of your character, and just as every individual on Earth has a self-image, every company has a corporate image as well. What does your corporate image say about the brand? You’re not only a brilliant business mogul. You have managed to overcome adversity, and continue to consistently undergo all sorts of transformations that ensure the long-term growth of your brand. You’re full of bold moves and limitless dreams, but you’ve had your share of fear and self-doubt too. There are so many sides of you: The strategist, the trendsetter, the spiritualist, the parent, the explorer, the sensualist, the best friend, the rule breaker – and it’s absolutely crucial that your website photographs reflect every facet of who you are. Investing in a corporate photography session will be another incredible milestone in your journey!

Take a look at your current headshot. Is it doing you and your company justice? If not, it’s time to fire it and get the job done right.



The corporate branding headshot session is designed for businesses that desire uniformity in their images, and it includes professional headshot images of each team member. Rates vary depending on the location, size of group and company needs and wants.

  • State-of-the-art studio setup with professional lighting
  • 5-15 Minute Session per team member
  • private online proofing gallery
  • 1 look (clothing)
  • 1 final retouched image for every team member
  • Online proof gallery within 48 hour after the photo shoot

* on-location includes travels/assistants/one hour setting up/ one hour tearing down equipment, visit to location prior to shoot date to ensure space is acceptable.

Collections Start at $999

All prices are subject to HST. All major credit cards are accepted.